Sunday, March 2, 2014

Why Rockstar Needs To Make GTA V For PC - Dave Gaming

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Huge amount of Gamers are on PC. PC version of this game will motivate PC gamers to buy their (games) merchandise and will lead in overall sale and hence the profit.

PC version of previous games were unlocked for modding and adding custom contents like Clothes, Vehicles and even the Scripts & Mini-Games. Also the Graphic enhancers made the games look much more interesting and beautiful than any of the games of its time. Like its previous installments, GTA V will rock the heights of popularity of the franchise and will hold a strong guaranty for better sale & profit for sequel of the franchise.

Also like Skyrim & Sims, Rockstar can create official custom contents for the game itself and can provide some of them for free and even premium ones for some bucks or online reward points. It gonna boost the image of the franchise.

Rockstar and GTA fans are dieing to get their hands on GTA V for PC, which means more profit for Developers of the game.

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