Thursday, February 20, 2014

Tomb Raider 2013 Game Review PC - Dave Gaming

Hello fellow gamers, this is our very first review on a PC video game. So we decided to give reviews on the latest edition of Tomb Raider's video game series.

First of all, the new archaeologist Lara Croft is young and new to the dangers of the mysterious worlds that the Lara of previous games has explored. The game set when she with her team was going for their research work and the ship, they were in, sunk. Then She found herself alone on a mysterious accursed island and she begun to find her friends and the way out of the island in a life threatening path. So you people better go buy the game and checkout how the hottie survives the menace.

The gameplay is smoother than any other video games of its time like Hitman Absolution. The graphics are awesome and the 3D models look pretty real and the story-line is touching and interesting. We bet you will like the way Lara's ponytail swings by wind and due to running, it is a realistic touch. Weapons are good, but the bow is our favorite. Machine guns are menace, probably the WW II technologies. The game has psychopaths chasing Lara to the ancient monsters of Japan. Other people trapped there were trying to sacrifice one of Lara's friend to the Sun Goddess so that the goddess let the curse on them  vanish and free them to leave the island. Concept of Sun Goddess is astonishing and we recommend to play this video game.

Our Rating

Graphics: 9.0
3D Models: 9.0
Story-Line: 9.2
Gaming Experience: 9.8
Presentation: 9.0
Overall: 9.2

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